End of Month Wrap-Up: April

8:35 AM Gemma Fitz 2 Comments

Yeah, I'm doing one of these, just 'cause I may as well get into the habit. It will also up my post count. So let me break it down for you.

On the Blog

Not that blogging isn't fun...

At My Writing Desk

  • I did CampNaNo this month!!
  • I rewrote the first half or so of my YA sci-fi novel, "Splitting Atoms".
  • I set a 20,000 word writing goal and am a little more than 4,000 words behind schedule (hopefully I'll catch up today.)
  • I planned and plotted 5 or 6 new story ideas which I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR.
  • I neglected my fan fiction writing. Again.

In the Books

  • I read a measly 7 books this month.
  • But that's a lot for me and I'm proud of myself. :)
  • I took an unchartered adventure into the huge and foreboding YA genre and was not impressed.

On the Web

With Me and My Life

  • I worked hard to catch up on my school before summer break.
  • I spent a lot of time outside.
  • I got sick about a week ago and have been that way ever since.
  • I became obsessed with Merlin. I don't need another fandom! I didn't ask for this! Oh well-- I would have if I had known what I was missing. *runs off to watch Merlin*

Coming Soon to the Blog

  • I'll review "Maximum Ride" and ask why popular teen fiction is so bad.
  • I'll spill my tips for creating characters you love.
  • I hope to eventually write a post about Extrovert-Introvert relationships.
  • I may put up a page to house my current projects, so you can look at my awful covers and worse summaries.
So, that's the month, folks! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. :)


  1. Looks like an awesome month, Gem! As always I love your gifs. Can't wait for your next post. XD

    1. Thanks! I adore gifs, too. :) And it's up!


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