Three Words Every Girl Wants to Hear

Quick apologies that I haven't been keeping up with comments and such. My internet has been problematic lately, but I should get around to replying in these next couple days. :)

Let me set something straight for you:

I don't want just anyone and everyone to go around telling me "I love you," all the time. Like, seriously, what? That's just so creepy. There are actually only about three people whom I don't mind saying this to me besides my parents, and, let's face it, I only tolerate my parents saying it to me because, well, they're my parents.

What's more, I'm fairly certain there's at least a few other girls out there who share my view on this-- which means "I love you" are not, after all, the three words every girl wants to hear.

"But, Gemma!" you cry. "What can I say to my best-friend/girlfriend/sister/mother/random-girl-at-the-mall to make her day?"

Have no fear. I'm here to help.

Three Words Every Girl Actually Wants to Hear

"Have some chocolate."
The answer to life, the universe, and everything.

"I'll leave now."
Sometimes we need our alone time-- without idiots invading our space.

"Let's watch Avengers."
"Who's your favourite character?"
"No more dieting."
"You don't need it, anyway."

"Here's fifty bucks."
She's worth it, isn't she?

"I am Baymax."
"Your personal healthcare companion."

"I was wrong."
Aren't you always?
"You were right."
We learn to rejoice in these little victories.

"Bowties are cool."
As are fezes.

"You're a wizard."
"Who da man?!"
"I'm never saying that again."

"I am Sherlocked."
Isn't everyone?

"The family business."
"Saving people. Hunting things."
"Don't be lasagna."
Do go eat some, though.

"On your left."
Don't you dare say it!

"Use the Force."
If only we could...
"Fandoms took over."
Yeah, so-- sorry about that.

What are three words you'd like to hear more often?

Authorisation Required

Sometimes I just feel like I need permission. And more than just permission-- more like a top level security clearance or a badge I can flash at people to assert the fact that, yes, I do actually know what I'm talking about and y'all better listen up.
Basically, a psychic paper might be nice.
I won't really be an extrovert until everyone recognizes me as one. I won't really be a writer until I have a published novel to point people to. I won't really count as mentally ill until I have a diagnosis from a doctor to tell me so.

I told y'all I was going to start talking about mental illness, didn't I?

Well, to be entirely honest, I've been rethinking that decision lately. After all, what do I really know about depression or anxiety or any of that stuff? Sure, I've been through some tough times, but to call it anything more than that is just being overly dramatic. Nobody else seems to notice anything wrong with me. So what can I have to say to or about those who struggle with the real thing? I shouldn't even be trying.

Actually, I don't even want to talk about this stuff. I'd rather keep being the bubbly, happy-go-lucky Gem everyone knows and hopefully loves. I want to keep my eyes closed and my mind numb and somehow forget the suffering going on all around me. But in the back of my mind, in the depths of my heart, there's a voice that whispers and echoes and gradually grows louder and louder until I can't tune it out any longer. And he says, "As the Father has sent me, even so am I sending you. Go therefore and make disciples."

I try to argue. "You've got the wrong girl. I'll only mess it up for you. No one authorised me to do this stuff. No one prepared me to help people this way. I don't have anything useful to say." But I've got it wrong. I have been authorised. Jesus has called me to labour for his kingdom, and that's all the authorisation I'll ever require.

It's everywhere. I can't get away from it. It's in between the lines in pop culture. It's in the stray hints and vague mentions all over the internet. It's in the voices of those I love, and it's in my own heart. There's just so much pain it's overwhelming.

But there's just so much hope it's unbelievable.

Recently, several young ladies stepped out in faith and started a blog dedicated to encouraging Christians struggling with mental illness. On the way to church this Sunday, the Christian radio station was discussing the attitude the church at large has towards mental illness and the love Jesus has for those who struggle. Over the past few months, God has showed up again and again in my own struggle with depression and anxiety in ways that are nothing short of miraculous. I can see God moving. I know he is doing something spectacular.

And I believe he wants to use me.

The other day I was talking to a very close friend whom I've known for awhile, and, for the first time, she told me about her brother's ongoing battle with depression and anxiety. As she briefly described his condition and everything she is feeling as she watches him go through this, it hit me all over again. Just how many people feel what I feel. Just how many people need help like I need help. And I found the tears welling up as the voice echoed once again, "Go therefore and make disciples."

I've been fighting and fighting. I've been too scared to go. I've kept my mouth shut because I'm terrified if I open it I'll only say the wrong thing. I've been paralysed by the fear that I don't count. That I'm not authorised to do this.

But I hear a whisper I can't ignore. A command that demands just one reply:

"Here I am! Send me."

What is something God has called you to do at some point? 

A Game of Truth and Lies (aka, the New Dragon's Loyalty Award)

The Dragon's Loyalty Award is making the rounds again, with a set of brand new and dragonish rules. The stupendous Ashley has tagged me to share several truths and a few lies about myself and since the dragon in me heartily approves of spreading confusion and chaos, I have complied.

So here are seven facts or not-so-facts about me. Most of them shouldn't be too hard, so go ahead and take a guess in the comments, if you like.

I hate high heels.

Comfort before beauty, sorry.

I enjoy Algebra.

Time to work on my mad scientist handwriting.

Thor is my favourite Avenger.

He is worthy.

I hate big cities.

Crowds everywhere.

I'm not at all musical.

It takes a special kind of talent to be tone deaf.

I'm irrationally terrified of spiders.


Mulan and Hercules are my favourite Disney Princess movies.

They have the most action.

So eventually I guess I'll do another post to explain which are true and which are lies-- or I could just leave it at this and you'll be left to wonder for ever. *evil smirk* We'll see.

What is the practical purpose of stilettos? Who is your favourite Avenger? And any tips on how to kill a spider without getting within five feet of it?

Survey Results

So I wasn't going to do this until the end of the month, but all my other ideas for blog posts this week didn't work out (yeah, so, recovering from hiatus is harder than I thought it would be), so here you go.


Writing Advice was by far the most popular post topic (which kinda surprised me because my advice never feels all that helpful, but okay), so I'll be handing out more of that, hopefully. Pep talks were the least popular, but I happen to like writing pep talks, so I'm not going to stop. The frequency with which I throw motivational speeches at you may, however, decrease somewhat.

(Wait, how do you decrease from 0 posts a month? *shifty glance at March*)

As for new topics, apparently what people wanted to hear about most were fandoms, my relationship with Jesus, depression, and anxiety. Also, somebody wanted me to talk about peanut butter, and I'm 100% on board with that, so yeah. I may venture into other subjects occasionally, but I'm planning on making the aforementioned topics regular fixtures on the blog. (Especially peanut butter.)
In conclusion, Chasing Daisies is no longer going to be a niche blog. Yeah, writing stuff will still be the main focus, but if y'all know me at all, you know I don't like confinement and I'm not going to try to confine myself to just talking about books and such. I'm going to be branching out in my subject matter, and hopefully some of it, at least, will interest you. :)

Actual Posts



In case you didn't notice, I had an impromptu hiatus (because that sounds more mature and professional than "I was being super lazy and had really bad blogger's block and just didn't really try all that hard') in March and didn't post anything. But I don't mean to let it happen again (at least without warning) and hopefully I'll get back on a posting schedule soon.

But I am going to have to tweak the schedule a bit, at least for now, because honestly, even apart from the fact I let all my creativity die during hiatus and now I can't seem to revive it, I can't keep up with posting twice a week any more. So I'll be cutting the Sunday posts, and just try to get something up every Thursday (ish).

Also, most of you wanted me to continue doing monthly wrap-ups, so those will probably still be a thing.


So thank you all SOOOOO much for your lovely input in this section. I've duly considered all your advice, and hopefully I'll be putting it into action in these coming weeks.

Keep your eyes peeled, because changes are coming!


Yay! Time for the fun part!!

"What type of person would you be in your favourite fantasy world (please include weapon, race, hobbies, quest, etc.)? What about in your favourite sci-fi world?"

Um, well-- my favourite fantasy world would be First Age Arda (Silmarillion, yissss), and I think I'd be a Maiar. I'd use a sword most likely, but I probably wouldn't fight much. Mainly I'd just hang out with Ulmo and the Teleri, probably, because they're cool people. Unless I could be Maehdros, in which case I'd be Maehdros. Without the kinslaying, maybe.
And I don't really have a favourite sci-fi world? I guess I'd be a human with a laser pistol/blaster, and I'd explore the galaxy in my tiny space ship with a couple of really good friends.
...Did I just describe Han Solo? Apparently I'd be Han Solo. (I dunno. I don't even like Han Solo.)

"Favourite 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' character?"

Slartibartfast. (I told you it didn't matter.) I also like Marvin. And Arthur Dent. And Zaphod Beeblebrox. And the random mattress thing. And a whole lot of other characters I can't remember right now.

"Okay, so what's your favourite character from Super Mario Smash Bros?"

*high pitched screaming* SNAKE. AND IKE. AND MARTH. AND PIT.
I... may have problems.

"When you were younger did you have a movie you watched again and again?"

Define "younger"??
I went through a stage where I watched How To Train Your Dragon basically every week, and it's still one of my favourite movies. And I feel sure there are more, but my mind is drawing up a blank. (I'm tired.)

"Do you like curly fries? Have you ever read Percy Jackson?"

I like all fries. Greasy potatoes covered in salt taste good no matter what shape they are. But I prefer normal ones.
And yeah, I've read the first Percy Jackson book, but... I didn't particularly care for it? I just didn't like any of the characters and was bored.

"What's your favourite Anthem Lights song?"

Um-- "Love You Like the Movies"?? It makes me laugh, and it's the first song I've ever heard by them. (My sister would go around singing it all the time.)

In Conclusion

You all are amazing. That's really all there is to say. :)