A Game of Truth and Lies (aka, the New Dragon's Loyalty Award)

5:07 AM Gemma Fitz 4 Comments

The Dragon's Loyalty Award is making the rounds again, with a set of brand new and dragonish rules. The stupendous Ashley has tagged me to share several truths and a few lies about myself and since the dragon in me heartily approves of spreading confusion and chaos, I have complied.

So here are seven facts or not-so-facts about me. Most of them shouldn't be too hard, so go ahead and take a guess in the comments, if you like.

I hate high heels.

Comfort before beauty, sorry.

I enjoy Algebra.

Time to work on my mad scientist handwriting.

Thor is my favourite Avenger.

He is worthy.

I hate big cities.

Crowds everywhere.

I'm not at all musical.

It takes a special kind of talent to be tone deaf.

I'm irrationally terrified of spiders.


Mulan and Hercules are my favourite Disney Princess movies.

They have the most action.

So eventually I guess I'll do another post to explain which are true and which are lies-- or I could just leave it at this and you'll be left to wonder for ever. *evil smirk* We'll see.

What is the practical purpose of stilettos? Who is your favourite Avenger? And any tips on how to kill a spider without getting within five feet of it?


  1. Oh, this gifs! Especially that first one. XD Okay, I'll try to answer.

    1. True.(There is no practical purpose for high heels, unless you're short and wish to be taller?)

    2. Um, true? I hear there are people who like it.

    3. TRUE! I'm going with true. Thor is awesome. :D Although, I'm not sure I could actually pick a favorite? I would say Spider-Man, but, yeah.

    4. False?

    5. True.

    6. False. Because the fear spiders is a rational fear to have. Only insane people love spiders.

    7. Um, I don't know? (I never though of Hercules as a princess movie, but I've only seen it once.) Mulan is really good. But for some reason I kind of seeing you liking Tangled? I'm probably way off, but I'm just going to go with false.

    1. Haha-- not bad at all! You got more than half of them correct (though I won't say how many more than half *evil chuckle*)

      Do you like the Tobey Maguire Spiderman, the Amazing Spiderman, or...? I watched the first original Spiderman movie and didn't like it all, but I really like the /idea/ of Spiderman, so I've been wondering if I should check into the reboot? (And I literally screamed in excitement when Spidey showed up in the Civil War trailer!!!)

  2. 1. True? It seems accurate.
    2. False, I'm guessing...
    3. I don't know why, but this feels true...
    4. False?
    5. True?
    6. True...?
    7. False?...

    Obviously I'm very confident in my answers. xD My favorite Avenger is Captain America and this Civil War business is stressing me out. And last night I killed a spider with air freshener... actually, I just stunned it with the air freshener enough to make it fall so I could kill it... not the most humane way, but IT WAS HUGE AND IN MY BATHROOM AND THERE WAS NO BUG SPRAY. Ugh. I wouldn't say I'm actually AFRAID of spiders until they get all sneaky and I have to come up with a literal plan of attack so they don't escape. The idea that there is a spider running around my house mocking me because I couldn't catch it freaks me out. xD

    1. Lol, that's fine. xD You got quite a few right!

      I AM SO STRESSED OUT IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY ARGHHH. #TeamCapbutIreallyloveTonytooandIreallyloveeveryoneandpleaseeveryonejustsurviveandbehappy And that iS ACTUALLY BRILLIANT. *makes mental note*


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