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Welcome to my super serious post on all the different genres with the suffix "punk". Hopefully this will be highly enlightening and possibly inspire you to explore some more of these lesser-known but just as awesome genres.

Steampunk- Because clockwork is cool.

Cyberpunk- And computers are cooler.

Dieselpunk- I see your clockwork computers and raise you punk 1920s.

Biopunk- DNA manipulation is punk.

Nanopunk- What is nanotechnology? Apparently it's punk.

Stonepunk- Cave men are more advanced than we gave them credit for. Also punk.

Decopunk- More punk 1920s. Only prettier?

Atompunk- Punk atom bombs. Punk Russia. Punk hippies. What could possibly go wrong?

Solarpunk- Going Green is punk. (I actually made this up and then found out it was a thing.)

Petrolpunk- World War 1 can be punk.

Woodpunk- The Middle Ages can be punk.

Slavepunk- Ancient Greece, Rome, or Egypt can be punk.

Gunpowderpunk- Ancient China can be punk.
Revolutionpunk- French Revolution, American Revolution, Easter Rising. Can we punk it? Yes, we can!

Timepunk- Or you can just time travel to all the different punk periods. Time travel is cool. (And punk.)

Girlpowerpunk- You go, girl.

Horsepowerpunk- Well, why not?

Pinkpunk- It's an assonance.

Trampolinepunk- If machines can work by tiny cogs, why not giant springs?

Coffeepunk- We all know the world runs on coffee, anyway.

Motrinpunk- Take some Motrin. Walk it off.

Hamsterpunk- Uh-- what?

Pizzapunk- I don't even know any more.

What are some punk genres you'd like to write in? Any of these catch your fancy? Any others I should have included?

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  1. I would definitely read a trampolinepunk book. I'm imagining villains and heroes and henchmen bouncing everywhere. Oh, that would be fantastic. XD

    this post made me laugh so much! (I'm still laughing about hamsterpunk tbh). After I finish writing the great ones, I lowkey want to try writing a cyberpunk. I actually have characters and a title all picked out...I just need to finetune the plot. but I love steampunk so much that I might have to revisit my terrible steampunk Rapunzel retelling and polish it on up. *shrugs* there are just TOO MANY GENRES. XD #writerprobs

    1. I want it.

      Aw, thanks! One of my current WIPs is kinda-sorta cyberpunk, and it's so much fun. :) But a steampunk Rapunzel retelling sounds so gooooood. O.O

  2. Lol! This is great. I've always wanted to write Biopunk. But now you have me wanting to try Coffeepunk. So many ideas. =)Thanks for the fun (and informative) post! Made me grin.

    1. Biopunk looks like so much fun!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

  3. XD Your analysis of Diselpunk is the best!

    This is hilarious and made me smile so much. Atompunk sounds cool. As does the Diselpunk. And who does like pizza?

    1. I tagged you for the Dragon Loyalty Award, if you want to do it. :)

    2. Why, thank you! ;) Atompunk is one that I /really/ want to try sometime.

  4. I would read dieselpunk, atompunk, and timepunk. :)

    1. YESSS. I need them in my hands right now. :D


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