Three Words Every Girl Wants to Hear

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Quick apologies that I haven't been keeping up with comments and such. My internet has been problematic lately, but I should get around to replying in these next couple days. :)

Let me set something straight for you:

I don't want just anyone and everyone to go around telling me "I love you," all the time. Like, seriously, what? That's just so creepy. There are actually only about three people whom I don't mind saying this to me besides my parents, and, let's face it, I only tolerate my parents saying it to me because, well, they're my parents.

What's more, I'm fairly certain there's at least a few other girls out there who share my view on this-- which means "I love you" are not, after all, the three words every girl wants to hear.

"But, Gemma!" you cry. "What can I say to my best-friend/girlfriend/sister/mother/random-girl-at-the-mall to make her day?"

Have no fear. I'm here to help.

Three Words Every Girl Actually Wants to Hear

"Have some chocolate."
The answer to life, the universe, and everything.

"I'll leave now."
Sometimes we need our alone time-- without idiots invading our space.

"Let's watch Avengers."
"Who's your favourite character?"
"No more dieting."
"You don't need it, anyway."

"Here's fifty bucks."
She's worth it, isn't she?

"I am Baymax."
"Your personal healthcare companion."

"I was wrong."
Aren't you always?
"You were right."
We learn to rejoice in these little victories.

"Bowties are cool."
As are fezes.

"You're a wizard."
"Who da man?!"
"I'm never saying that again."

"I am Sherlocked."
Isn't everyone?

"The family business."
"Saving people. Hunting things."
"Don't be lasagna."
Do go eat some, though.

"On your left."
Don't you dare say it!

"Use the Force."
If only we could...
"Fandoms took over."
Yeah, so-- sorry about that.

What are three words you'd like to hear more often?


  1. oh this post made me chuckle--but it was really full of truth, especially the "I was wrong" and "You were right." Those are things that definitely need to be said more often. I think I'd like to hear "Crying is okay." For the longest time, crying WASN'T okay in my mind, and every time I assumed I was weak. Now I know that sometimes it's necessary--and the assurance that I'm not a failure when those moments happen is always welcome.

    Or, you know, "Buy more music" is always good to hear as well. XD

    1. I'm glad you liked it! :) And yes, those are all things that need to be said much more often. *nods*

  2. YES!! Haha, I can not tell you how much this post made me smile. I want to hear these words more often too!
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