An Announcement (and complementary cake)

8:22 AM Gemma Fitz 1 Comments

I'm going to camp this year (yayness!) and therefore won't be around to answer comments or anything of that sort all of the upcoming week (from tomorrow to next Saturday). And since I haven't thought of anything to write about yet STILL haven't figured out how to schedule blog posts (ARGH. Why is this so hard to do??), I won't be posting, either.

But never fear!!! I will be back to bug you again soon! And hopefully I'll be able to think of something to post that isn't too terribly cheesy. (Oh wait, I like cheese.)

Enjoy some ice cream in my absence.
Oh wait, didn't I say cake in the title? Eh, well-- "complementary cake" sounds better, but ice cream tastes better. (I dare you to defy either dictum.) Plus, it's summer. It's hot. Ice cream for the heat.
Also ice cream for Chris Evans.

But you can go have cake if you want it.

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