An Extremely Tardy End of Month Wrap-Up: June

3:06 PM Gemma Fitz 2 Comments

Well, I'm back!!! Also, I'm feeling very lethargic, when it comes to blogging. But at least I finally got this thing put together, so let's go.

On the Blog

At My Writing Desk

  • I rewrote approximately 28,000 words on my WIP.
  • I also renamed it.
  • And I worked on planning out a couple of my more recent plot bunnies.

In the Books

I read 5 books this month which was pathetic. I have no excuses, other than that no non-Christian reading material was allowed at camp, and I fell behind. So I guess I do have excuses. Yay! I love excuses!

On the Web

All of these posts are amazing and you should read them. Like, right now.

With Me and My Life

  • I got my hair cut! And my webcam is down and I don't have anyone to take my picture, so unfortunately you cannot see what it looks like. :( Maybe someday.
  • I went to camp for the first time in my life. Real camp. Not camp NaNo. I had the time of my life and I miss it like crazy.
  • I got a summer job, which will probably eat up all my writing/blogging time.

Coming Soon to the Blog

  • No posts. Okay, so maybe a couple posts. But I'm doing Camp NaNo and HAVE NO TIME. Trying to juggle work, writing, family, and social life (ha... did I just say social life) will leave me very little chance to blog. I'll try my best, though.
  • Okay, one post. About my time at camp, told entirely in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy gifs. Because this is my blog and...
  • I also might come angst and sob at some point if NaNo gets particularly bad, but hopefully you will be spared that.
So there you have it.


  1. YES! Please do a camp post with gifs!!

    1. It's coming!! I've got most of it put together already, so it's only a matter of posting it.


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