End-of-Month Wrap Up: October

4:27 PM Gemma Fitz 2 Comments

Am I the only one who thinks October went entirely too quickly this year? Sure, for a while there, I felt like it was dragging out as I counted the days to NaNo, but now it's suddenly gone and I kinda wish it wasn't.

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With Me and My Life

  • My parents went on a business trip for a week and so my siblings and I got to do whatever we wanted while they were gone.
  • That was also the week my internet died. And stayed dead. Until Dad got home and fixed it.
  • Today was my last day at work for the year. Which is kinda sad, but it also means a whole lot less stress.
  • I also shared some anecdotes from my boring life.

Coming Soon to the Blog

I mentioned I'm doing NaNo this coming month. What I did not mention, is that it's going to be a really tough month to do NaNo in.

What with work these last few months, I've fallen a little behind with school, and my Mom is really adamant that I am going to catch back up in November, or else. Which means most of my day everyday will be spent doing extra school work, and not writing, as I would wish. (And yeah, I know I'll be thanking her someday, but I guess it just is not this day.)

So my guess is (and I could be wrong) that what with school and NaNo and everyday life, there won't be all that much time left for blogging. I may be able to post once in a while, but it's entirely possible that you won't see much more of me until December. 

*shrugs* Anyway, we'll see what happens, and you all have a great month.


  1. Yess October totally went by too fast. I always get so sad when fall starts going out the door. (And yes, I'm aware there's still over a month left of fall, but after Halloween I basically am already transitioning into Christmas-mode xD)
    Isn't it lovely when your parents are out of the house? Even if all me and my siblings do on such occasions is get super loud and act stupid. xD
    Aand I feel you-- I'm also a little behind in school, PLUS I'm doing NaNo for the first time this year. So here's hoping I survive November. :D

    1. I know. *cries* I'm not ready for winter yet, and that's basically what November is, where I live.
      My siblings and I tend to be super irresponsible when my parents are out of the house, so it's fun, but it's probably good that it doesn't happen /too/ often. xD
      Good luck with NaNo! And thanks for commenting! :)


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