7 Reasons You Should Be Writing Right Now (in gifs)

8:32 AM Gemma Fitz 9 Comments

As writers, sometimes we just need someone to yell at us "START WRITING!"

Other times, we need that someone to resort to more persuasive tactics. We're skeptical. We need reasons. Just WHY should you be writing right now?

Have no fear, lazy bum oh courageous author! I am here to help with 7 reasons why you should close this tab immediately and step into the glorious realm of Microsoft Word (or Google Docs, or a notebook, or whatever you use)!

1. Your idea is really, really awesome.
No, seriously, it is. You've got a prize winning plot bunny in your head right now (or maybe even partially on paper!), and you're the only one who can write it. So what are you waiting for? Get busy!!

Especially that little secondary character that you really adore and secretly want to marry, and who is destined to die soon. Better spend time with him while you can, you know. Try to ease his last moments, and all that jazz.

3. Much better now than later.
Basically, if you don't do it right now, you'll read some blog post about how you should write everyday and get guilted into writing at midnight, and that never goes so well...

4. Your Mom is probably going to call you in about ten seconds to ask if you're "busy"...
Which is another way of saying "There's this really nasty chore that I want you to do, but thankfully I'm still leaving you a loophole for some unexplained reason." And I firmly believe that "writing" counts as "busy".

5. You'll forget all your ideas if you don't write them down!
Or am I the only one who has this problem?

6. The zombie apocalypse might happen tonight and you might be turned into a zombie and I'm pretty sure zombies can't write...
Actually though, if we're following this argument to it's logical conclusion, we may have some trouble deciding whether to actually write or to go bake (and eat) some chocolate chip cookies. So-- why not just do both?

7. This blog post is boring anyway.
SERIOUSLY. What are you doing reading this stupid post by a random stranger on the internet when you could be WRITING???
Unlike in your super exciting adventure novel.
Well, that escalated quickly. *cough* But that doesn't matter because you're not even supposed to be here. Get writing. NOW.

What are some creative methods you employ to inspire yourself to write? Am I the only person who forgets all her story ideas? WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE AND NOT WRITING??


  1. Okay, okay! *waves hands in air* I will leave a comment and then start writing, I promise!
    This post was definitely NOT a waste of time and a really good motivation for me. I never used to need motivation to write but with this one sucky novel I'm working on I do nothing but procrastinate in order to delay the inevitable torture of looking at my document. Thanks for an invigorating pep talk. I will now go write. After I pin this post...

    1. Hmm... you better write...
      Haha-- long, long ago (in a galaxy far far away), all this little girl ever did on the big, boxy, old fashioned computer was write. (Okay, and play an occasional video game.) Somehow it seems that the more I get serious about writing, the more I just end up procrastinating. :/ (No, seriously, I wrote this post and searched for all those gifs in time that was SUPPOSED to be dedicated to writing.)
      Anyway, glad it motivated you! Go forth and write!

  2. This is great. The gifs are great. I LOVE IT. xD It's very inspiring, and I do, indeed, need to write...*looks shiftily at document*

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now, GET WRITING, GIRL!!!

  3. Ahaha, this post is pure perfection. I was going to say something about my favorite reason and the gif accompanying it, but then I realized that I adore them all...
    I've found that if I clean my desk off so that it looks semi-organized, put some music on, and have a nice big cup of coffee nearby, somehow writing seems to come a bit easier. Or maybe that's just me making up an excuse for drinking all the coffee.
    I also read blogs to inspire myself to write. Which actually ends up making me waste more time. Which is slowly ticking away as I finish typing this comment...

    1. Thank you!
      I find it easier to write, too, when I'm writing at a un-cluttered desk-- or just a desk, period. But I'm too lazy (I'd rather lie around in bed and type upside down), so I often opt for writing the hard way. I'm kinda stupid, I guess.
      The hands of the clock art shifting-- why art thou still here? Start writing. :)

  4. Well, I WAS going to leave a thoughtful and genuine comment about how awesome and encouraging this post is... but I've been peer pressured into going to write more of my story (which unfortunately needs more attention then I have been giving it lately...). You sir, are very persuasive. :P
    Thanks for the encouragement, Gemma!

    1. Haha... hey, it's the thought that counts, anyway. I heartily approve your decision to write your story, instead of a lovely long comment. Admittedly, it's always fun to get those long comments-- but then, it also takes away from my writing time to read and answer them. :P
      Have fun with your story, and thanks for the comment!

  5. I'm not sure if you still check this, but it helped. So much.

    Thank you for the super helpful (and cute!) post. :)


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