End of Month Wrap-Up: July

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So I've been having trouble posting on time, especially with these monthly wrap-ups.

I do have an excuse this time, though. My internet has been down since early Thursday afternoon, which is also why I haven't been commenting on blogs, pinning wondrous things on pinterest, and making y'all's days infinitely more beautiful with my brilliant blog posts.
Yeah right, I was gone for three days.

On the Blog

At My Writing Desk

  • I participated in Camp NaNo again.
I was aiming for 22,000 words, and that didn't happen. I had a crazy busy month, kept getting stuck, and my novel basically threw a tantrum whenever I tried to write. It was all super stressful and I've decided I really hate writing. But! I got nearly 10,000 words written, which is insanely sucky, but still something. I don't want to look at my novel again in a million years, but I'll get over that in a couple months and give it another go. Because I do miss Keiran.

In the Books

I read a grand total of 3 books this month.
The good news is that where quantity was lacking, I was pleasantly surprised by quality. I enjoyed everything I read, which doesn't happen often. (I'm such a picky bookworm...)

On the Web

With Me and My Life

Basically I've been crazy busy and stressed out and hot. Always hot.
  • CampNaNo swallowed copious amounts of time and energy with very little written to show for it. But hey! I had an awesome cabin full of awesome people whom I had an awesome time writing alongside.
  • I took swimming lessons, because I amwas (ha!) unable to swim at the age of 15 and that's super embarrassing.
  • My social life spun wildly out of control with work, multiple church/youth group functions, friends over constantly (I mean, seriously-- since when do I have friends??!!), and to crown it all a Japanese Foreign Exchange student living in my house with my family for a month. Which is all really nice and all, for extrovert me, but airI need air.

Coming Soon to the Blog

Lately, I've just been trying to survive one day to the next-- you honestly expect me to know what I'll be doing this August?? *insert derisive, hysterical laugh*

But there is a possibility you may get a post on sudden mental, emotional, physical, and literal collapse, resulting from exhaustion, confusion, and severe over-heating later this week. (Don't forget the over-heating.)

How was your month? Did you participate in CampNaNo? Did you win? (If so, go enjoy some ice cream and my envy.)


  1. No, I didn't win Camp Nano. *sobs* I got around 10,000 words just like you, and believe me, those last few thousand felt like wringing blood from a stone. Somewhere a week or so into the month I lost all inspiration. My first draught is horrible and the only thing that makes me still want to write the book is that I think the idea is solid. :/ So we can both feel like failures together, if that helps. On the up side, my cabin was really nice and I had lots of fun.

    Yup, July was a crazy month. But your posts were amazing and I'm looking forward to what you'll do in August. :D Now I'm off to read some of those posts you recommended....

  2. YOU PUT THE FEELING INTO WORDS! "...wringing blood from a stone..." I'll have to remember that one. Good job on your word count, anyway. 10,000 written with no inspiration is still a fair achievement.

    Thanks! And yes!! Read them!! They are wondrous!!


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