Announcement and Apologies

5:02 AM Gemma Fitz 2 Comments

I'm going to the beach.

I'm not leaving until tomorrow, but I've been crazy busy packing, stressing out over how my suitcase won't fit everything I want to take, and crashing on the internet to relieve stress. Which is why I didn't post yesterday, and why it's entirely possible I won't be posting again until sometime after the 12th. I sincerely hope that doesn't happen, but just so we're clear here, my family and my sleep and pinterest time sanity are higher priorities to me than this blog. (At least for now-- at some point I might give up on the sanity part.)

Also, when the beach is the only thing you can think about, it's kinda hard to come up with writerly blog posts, so there's that.

I said "apologies" in the title, but you know what?
Not really. 

Have fun while I'm gone, all you peeps! (I'm sure I will.)


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